podricing.pw is open for sing ups. All podricers are welcome. The new pod has been created on top of the following principles.

  • To continue the legacy of the podricing community in a common, free, easy to use, modern, multiple featured social networking platform.
  • To preserve the privacy of the podricing.pw users as good as we can.
  • To have a dev team accessible to all podricing.pw users.
  • To maintain a relationship of transparency and integrity within all the Podricing community.


Today's podricing is much different from what it was years ago. This section aims to document remarkable events and to make these records available to the community for nostalgic purposes and to everyone willing to read an epic story.

podricing began from the concept of a modern, multimedia, free, self regulated, social network platform by anonymous free software developers and advocates from a tech discussion imageboard forum. They took notice of the diaspora project and how it related to their ideals.

The pod was set up in 2014-03-27 under the domain of podricing.org and with the name of Outer Heaven, it also had an irc channel, #podricing, at rizon.net . At the time most of its users who had recently joined either came from the tech board or neighboring forum's boards. The community grew larger, with new users constantly joining every week, and it was pretty active, with dozen of posts a day. Eventually some people left and movement died a bit, but not so much, the community was still active and has proven to survive throughout its first year. Nobody knows exactly when, but it eventually came into an agreement to simply call podricing by this one name.

In 2015-03-27, the pod's one year anniversary, it was home of 297 users and 63850 posts. Around this time, though, the community was already suffering from recurring server downtime. The community became divided, with the people who could still hang out on the irc channel and the ones who didn't know about the channel, or were not found of it, that were left with no other mean to interact with each other.

After a long lasting server downtime, since podricing.org has been dead for so long and on its apparent state of abandon by its original admin, a new pod was created and in 2015-05-29 podricing.pw became the new domain. Various users who were still hanging around settled in once more and the community resumed its business as usual.