For this year's April fools, podricing set up some fake ads at the side columns on the web interface.

The post read:

Please read. A personal appeal from podricing™ maintainer nolcip

Hello, podricers.

Podricing is close to 2 years of service and I've single-handedly kept it running for almost one year. To help podricing run for one more year, I signed a contract to show selected ads on the website. Ads won't impact the user experience.

podricing™ services are and will always be free of charge. Ads are what pays for the expenses of running this service. You can also support podricing™ directly. If you can spare some money, please give it to me.

Freedom is what podricing™ stands for, this is why trademarked podricing™. If you haven't noticed yet, podricing has a trademark symbol now. It means that you are free to use the podricing™ brand in your shitposting under a small fee. This is an excting step forward to democracy.

Some examples:

facebook cam

Let's make podricing™ great again!

While the above ads were hand-crafted for the post, the ads displayed on the web interface were implemented by a script that used reddit's api to query imgur images from the /r/anime_irl subreddit.


We've received some compliments regarding the ads and after a pool in favor of keeping them even after April fools, they became a new feature on the pod.


The installation process is the same as with all other features developed for the pod.

Download the script and put it in the pod's javascript assets directory. Then you add a new line to the pod's main javascript file including the file you just downloaded.

wget http://blog.podricing.pw/src/ads.js -O app/assets/javascripts/ads.js
echo "//= require ads" >> app/asset/javascripts/main.js

Finally you just need to recompile the project assets and restart the server.

Source code

You can download the source code here.